David v Ed: weighing the evidence

Before reaching my decision on the Labour leadership (see previous post), I asked supporters of each Miliband brother on Twitter to recommend to me one video and one article/blog post which would show their preferred candidate at his best.

Here is a selection of the best responses for each candidate. These helped me reach my decision: they are posted in the hope that they may help others do the same.

Ed Miliband

Speech at the LSE on the Living Wage:

“I don’t think we should try to out-right the right on crime.”

Change to Win. (Ed’s Fabian Society essay.)

David Miliband

VIDEO: Sun Cabbie interview.

Keir Hardie lecture.

Labour must build a broad coalition.

The continuity myth: why David Miliband is not a Blairite continuity candidate.

And it has to be said: this video of Ed Miliband in the Commons, while billed by one of his supporters as evidence of his ability to take on the government in debate, only reinforced my concerns about Ed being made to look shrill and hysterical once he was facing David Cameron rather than a lightweight like Chris Huhne.

Thanks again to all those who responded to my request. It was a big help in reaching my decision, even if some of you may be dismayed by what that decision was… šŸ˜‰


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