A couple of calmer questions

OK, picking the bones out of that last post, there are two key areas of substance which I’d be interested to know people’s thoughts on, especially those minded to vote Conservative at the next election:

  1. How would you respond to the warnings made by David Blanchflower (among others) that the rapid cuts proposed by the Conservatives could reverse the economic recovery or even cause a full-blown depression?
  2. Do you think that “big government” rhetoric has much traction with the British electorate, regardless of whether you happen to agree with it yourself?

One thought on “A couple of calmer questions”

  1. I’m half-minded to vote Conservative. (No gags about its being the “non-relational” half, please! 😉 ) The indecision involves a bit of tactical voting (made more difficult by being in an all-new seat), and a desire to know what the candidate is like first.

    1. C’mon, you want people to deal seriously with a blatantly partisan economist like Blanchflower? He’s a macro-economist (or been playing at one the last few years), so he’s going to have a naturally left-wing bent. He’s not an impartial witness, your honour! If you’re going to take Blanchflower neat, I submit you’d better have a Masonomics chaser for balance.

    Anyway, here’s my take. I look back through US history (they’ve got better figures for longer): in ’20–’21 there was a recession brewing, and President Harding cut spending — recession avoided. On the other hand, through ’29–’33, Hoover stoked spending (contrary to popular myth) and the recession turned into the Great Depression. Roosevelt continued the disastrous course, in fact spent even more, and eventually only the Second World War turned the US economy around.

    2. Probably not using that phrase, no. I think the underlying idea has traction: intrusive government trying to push its nose into parents’ childcare arrangements, spying government watching us on CCTV, expensive government blowing our money on useless projects like state-funded recipe books (seriously). The actual phrase “big government”, in my view, isn’t politically explosive.

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