Adrian Mitchell: “Reply to a Canvasser”

Here (for my own reference as much as anything) is the Adrian Mitchell poem whose final stanza I quoted in my previous post:

Reply to a Canvasser

Cats are spies for something dark.
Rabbits are wiped out.
Captain Cousteau scares the shark
With an underwater shout.

Snakes slide over jagged ground
Making the same sound as grass.
Elephants are pushed around.
Fish are hooked, or circle worlds of glass.

Hyenas have a nervous laugh,
Corruption is their only need.
Worms get fat, then cut in half.
A dog’s a footman on a lead.

I’d rather be a stag at bay
Daubed in colours brown and gory,
Or any creature any day
Than be a bloody Tory.

And remember: these men (well, perhaps not the one on the left…) could be running the country this time next year:

Alan Duncan, George Osborne and Oliver Letwin


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