Looking for leadership

Shabba Goy at Harry’s Place has an excellent analysis of Martin Kettle’s Guardian column this morning.Goy’s concluding sentence is:

Labour’s number one problem, staring its supporters in the face every day, is how to resolve the absence of leadership talent in the party.

This is reinforced by Benedict Brogan’s reminder that David Miliband’s speech to the Labour conference last year bombed, and it is in fact he – rather than Brown – who needs to make the “speech of his life” in order to keep his leadership hopes alive.

This makes me wonder: is charismatic, dynamic political leadership – and, even more lacking from Labour at the moment, fresh political thinking – something which can only really arise in the context of opposition, away from the grind and mundanity of government?


2 thoughts on “Looking for leadership”

  1. Off subject: Newset opinion polls in Canada, by the CBC:
    Conservatives 41%, Liberal 26%, NDP 16%, Greens 9%, Bloc 8%.

    But here the biggest issue for the Liberals is – leadership. Few like Dion. He is too reminiscent of a chihuahua some have said (lol). More growling less barking could be helpful. That, and their disasterous introuduction of their environmental plan – The Green Shift strategy. On the CBC somebody remarked on its unfortuante name – just remove the ‘f’. And then they have aligned themselves closely with the Greens, trying to elevate Elizabeth May. Well, the people who will desert their party for the Greens are most likely to be Liberals anyway. Bad, bad political decisions..

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